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Please note that completing and submitting an Application to undertake a Maldives Polytechnic course does not guarantee acceptance into the applied course. Please submit clear copies of ID card, attested copies of educational certificates, and any other documents which may be relevant to the programme you are applying.

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I understand that this application does not guarantee a place in the course. I understand the requirements of the course for which I am applying and I am aware that, if necessary, places in the course may be allocated using a competitive selection process. I am aware that I may be responsible for arranging my own transport to training sites. If accepted I am committed to completing the course. I agree to abide by the Maldives Polytechnic policies, instructions and rules and confirm the accuracy of the information which I have supplied. I consent to Maldives Polytechnic verifying information about me from, or supplying it to, concerned authorities, government and private higher education institutes, and an agency authorised to undertake surveys. If I am an apprentice or trainee, I also consent to Maldives Polytechnic verifying information about me from or supplying it to my employer.

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