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Maldives Polytechnic is the very first educational institution offering technical and vocational education in the Maldives.

Quality Certifications

Maldives Polytechnic ensures that the students who graduate from this institution will have achieved the best Quality Education and Training. All courses available from Maldives Polytechnic are MQA approved courses.

Online Resources

Maldives Polytechnic provide opportunities for students to participate in online courses. These online courses are carried out through Ooredoo smart campus, which is an easy, sophisticated modern virtual learning platform. Students can participate in these courses from any Atoll, any Island across Maldives.

Advanced Practice

Students who graduate from Maldives Polytechnic have to go far beyond what they learn from books. Different training programs will be held to gain more experiences. Maldives polytechnic guarantees that students who graduate will have all the required knowledge to perform in the field.

Learning Best Practice

Maldives Polytechnic provides a perfect environment for learning. Workshops are specially designed for particular courses and the classrooms are equipped with modern equipment’s for a happy and joyful learning environment. Not to forget, the lecturers of Maldives Polytechnic are highly qualified and trained staffs most appropriate for the lectures.

Study Plan Tutors

The following link contains a study plan useful for students which are highly recommended by lecturers. Students can schedule their studies and co-curricular activities based on study plan. Furthermore students can customize and bring changes to this study plans based on their preference for an effective learning schedule.


Research is an important part of studies. Students can access to important research and findings of lecturers and other experts in the field. These reaches provided for you are very beneficial and important for you education. Don’t miss it!

We focus on these ....

Maldives Polytechnic is the very first educational institution offering technical and vocational education in the Maldives.

01. Student Life

Understanding student learning and social needs and creating a lively student friendly environment is a priority. The student services department in partnership with the Maldives Polytechnic Student Association continues to develop programs in-house and participate in social and public activities to nurture our students for the professional work-life ahead.

02. Accessibility

Besides expanding to improve physical presence Through Maldives Polytechnic’s Smart Campus we provide modern and sophisticated online learning solutions where students from every corner of the country gets the opportunity to learn and graduate with a prestigious Maldives Qualifications Authority Approved, Maldives Polytechnic Certificate..

03. Focus on Skills

Every program and module studied at Maldives Polytechnic is designed and taught with special attention to teach most up-to-date and modern skills. With industry partners, we continue to discuss and upgrade on the type of skill-sets necessary for employability.

04. Job-ready graduates

To further empower students with first hand industry experience and the feel of working in high demanding technical fields; before graduating; every student will become attached to or work in the industry where permanent job placements are common.

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News & Updates

26 Jan, 2016

Maldives Polytechnic – Futsal Tournament 2016

Futsal tournament of Maldives Polytechnic has been scheduled for August. The tournament which is participated by teams among the students and the staff is to be held from August...

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26 Jan, 2016

Maldives Polytechnic participates in Youth challenge 2016

Maldives Polytechnic has established a stall to participate in the Youth Challenge 2016 event. The Youth Challenge is an event organized by the Ministry of Youth & Sports. It...

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We make sure that the time you spend here at Maldives Polytechnic will be rewarding in pursuing your career goals.

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