Advanced Certificate in System Administration

01 Year
MNQF Level 4


The Certificate IV in System Administration course provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to manage, as an independent ICT specialist or as part of a team, the IT systems in an organization, including software, security and networks with the supervision of a system administrator.


Modules / Units

·        Apply advanced critical thinking to work processes (ACT01)

·        Contribute to cyber security risk management (CSR01)

·        Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and practices (ITE01)

·        Work collaboratively in the ICT industry (WCI01)

·        Apply introductory programming techniques (IPT01)

·        Identify and resolve client ICT problems (RCP01)

·        Install and configure virtual machines (CVM01)

·        Install, configure and test network security (CNS01)

·        Install and manage servers (IMS01)

·        Configure desktop environments (CDE01)

·        Connect and configure devices and hardware components (CDH01)

·        Provide first-level remote help desk support (HDS01)

·        Support operating system users and troubleshoot applications (OST01)

·        Maintain and repair ICT equipment and software (MES02)

·        Resolve system faults on a live system (RSF01)

·        Optimize ICT system performance (OSP01)

·        Repair operating system boot up procedures (OSB01)

·        Install think client applications for power over Ethernet (CAP01)

·        Evaluate ICT system status (ESS01)

·        Implement maintenance procedures (IMP01)

·        Support ICT system software (SSS01)

·        Complete database backup and restore (DBR01)


General Entry

·        Successful Completion of Lower Secondary Education OR

·        Attainment of a Level 3 qualification


Alternative Entry

·        18 years old and 1-year work experience AND ability to communicate in the language of instruction. 

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