National Certificate III in Fitness Instructor

6 Months
MNQF Level 3

Description of Fitness Instructor 

A fitness instructor welcomes, introduces, and adheres members to fitness by providing inductions to new members and ongoing programmes to existing members. These inductions and following programmes need to be planned, instructed and evaluated. A fitness instructor coaches members through these programmes and is responsible for the resulting member fitness experience, which should be positive and meet the member’s wants and needs. The role also includes actively promoting and encouraging to join and adhere to regular exercise.


1. Observe personal and workplace hygiene practices SOC02S1U01V1 

2. Practice health, safety, and security Practices SOC02S1U02V1 

3. Provide effective customer care SOC02S1U03V1 

4. Practice effective workplace communication SOC02S1U04V1 

5. Provide first aid SOC05S1U02V1 

6. Perform computer operations SOC05S1U05V1 

7. Role of the Fitness Instructor SOC11S1U01V1 

8. Code of Ethics of the Fitness Instructor SOC11S1U02V1 

9. Functional Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics SOC11S1U03V1 

10. Principles of Exercise SOC11S1U04V1 

11. Exercise Prescription SOC11S1U05V1 

12. Physical Fitness Components SOC11S1U06V1 

13. Basic Training Methods SOC11S1U07V1 

14. Basic Nutrition SOC11S1U08V1 15. Basic Health & Fitness Assessment SOC11S1U09V1 

16. Proper use of Gym equipment (guided practicals) SOC11S1U10V1 

17. Posture and Exercise Technique (guided practicals) SOC11S1U11V1 

18. Advanced Training Methods (guided practicals) SOC11S1U12V1 

19. Fitness facility, equipment & member management (supervised internship) SOC11S1U13V1 

 20. Fitness Instructor trainee (supervised internship) SOC11S1U14V1

General Entry

  • Completion of Basic Education OR
  • Attainment of a Level 2 qualification.

Alternative Entry

  • 18 years old AND ability to communicate in the language of instruction

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