National Certificate III in Automotive Maintenance

06 Months
MNQF Level 3

Purpose of Qualification

The holders of this qualifications are expected to possess all the relevant knowledge and skills to work as Automotive Maintenance Mechanics in the local Automotive Maintenance Industry. Referred mechanics can undertake general functional assessment of the light vehicle engines and its systems and perform necessary repair and maintenance task.

Description of an Information Automotive Maintenance

At present, Maldives have a population of wide range of vehicles with varying models and types. Inspection, repair, maintenance and overhaul of such vehicle system require varying knowledge and skills. The goal of these qualifications are to prepare competent Automotive Mechanics capable of undertaking all major and minor tasks associated with maintenance, repair and servicing of automotive vehicles in the Maldives. The proposed qualifications were prepared by a group of technical panel members currently working as experienced mechanics employed in government and private enterprises, workshops and service garages


1.     Work safely in the workplace

2.     Maintain workshop

3.     Handle and maintenance of workplace tools and equipment

4.     Undertake basic workshop calculation

5.     Perform effective workplace communication

6.     Move, position and park vehicle

7.     Wash/clean vehicle body and its interior

8.     Perform effectively in team environment

9.     Undertake inspection and servicing engines

10.    Undertake inspection and servicing cooling systems

11.   Undertake petrol fuel systems servicing

12.  Service diesel fuel system

13.   Service ignition system components

14.   Inspect and service steering systems components

15.  Inspect and service manual transmissions

16.  Inspect and service automatic transmissions

17.   Inspect and service braking system components

18.  Inspect and service auto electric system components

19.  Service final drive assembly components

20.  Inspect and Service Auto Air-conditioning system components

21.  Inspect and service hydraulic systems

General Entry

  • Completion of Basic Education OR
  • Attainment of a Level 2 qualification.

Alternative Entry

  • 18 years old AND ability to communicate in the language of instruction

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